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                                Authenticated Source Herbal Materials

All of SUN TEN’s source herbal materials are obtained from private growers and suppliers whose products meet our strict quality specifications. We secure these resources by maintaining long term relationships with our suppliers and regularly purchasing qualifying crops from them. We avoid purchasing materials directly from the public market because herbs purchased in that setting can be unreliable and often have inferior constituent content. In addition, there tend to be issues such as species identification errors, unsafe heavy metal and pesticide contamination and introduction of unwanted weight enhancers or toxic material. SUN TEN does not accept any source materials that do not meet our unyielding quality standards.


The issue of herbal authentication is a pressing issue that demands close attention. Prior to acquisition, each herb purchased by SUN TEN undergoes thorough verification to ensure the plant material we acquire is derived from the correct plant. Unfortunately, misidentification of herb material is still widespread and care must be taken with each purchase. SUN TEN uses the Pharmacopoeia of People’s Republic of China as the reference standard by which to determine the correct species. Both organoleptic and analytical scientific methods are used to confirm species identification and proper plant parts.

Herbal Sourcing Team

SUN TEN is dedicated to consistent authenticity, efficacy, safety and quality of the sources we use. In order to accomplish and maintain this important aspect of the operation, the SUN TEN herbal sourcing team was established. It is the team’s mission to oversee and tirelessly maintain all aspects of herbal source materials, from authentication and quality assessment to handling, storage and condition of the materials we have acquired for manufacturing.

Commonly Misused Medicinal Herbs

Different species of plants have different medicinal effects. Incorrect usage of toxic herbs may be harmful to health.

Medicinal Herbs with Improper Additives

As medicinal herbs are considered a type of commodity, the use of adulterated herbs is very common, and has raised grave concerns over the impact of health care and treatments.

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