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The first concern of SUN TEN is always the safety and quality of our products, and how they may improve human quality of life. We take pride in what we offer our customers and practitioners.

Due to the seriousness of this factor of production, SUN TEN has established a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility, the Brion Research Institute of Taiwan, a non-profit organization. The sole purpose of this facility is to check the quality of raw herbs that we acquire that will later be converted into herbal extracts.


The following Quality Control (QC) tests are routinely executed by Brion Research Institute to ensure safe and high quality products:

  • Species Authentication

  • Sulfur Dioxide Detection

  • Pesticide Residuals Detection

  • Aflatoxin Detection

  • Heavy Metal

  • Aristolochic Acid Detection

  • Certificate of Analysis

Macroscopic (visual) inspection

authenticate the herb species and parts used.

Microscopic examination

authenticate the herb species by histological examination and comparison with certified reference standard specimen.


(Thin Layer Chromatography)
verify the identity of herb species by comparing its unique analytical identification with certified reference standard herb.


(High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled Photo Diode Array)
measure potency and batch consistency by quantifying the content of active ingredients.


(High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled Evaporative Light Scattering Detector)
determine the quality of rehmannia by analyzing its S to M saccharide ratio.


(Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry)
measure heavy metal elements to ensure product safety.


(Gas Chromatography coupled Mass Spectrometry)
screen for pesticide residue to ensure product safety.


(High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled Fluorescent Detector)
check the content of aflatoxins to ensure product safety.


(Liquid Chromatography coupled Mass Spectrometry)
screen for the existence of aristolochic acid to ensure product safety.

Microbiological testing

analyze yeast & mold and pathogenic microorganism to ensure product safety. 

“SUN TEN’s products have gone through the most rigorous testing standards and inspection process in TCM industry.”

A Certificate of Analysis is produced with each batch of herbs. A COA for every batch of production is approved and issued by the Head of Quality Assurance. Only batches that fulfill the ‘Golden Standard’ are packaged and distributed in order to ensure that the products meet international safety and quality standards prior to market release across the world.


From the lot number of any given finished product, SUN TEN is able to trace its batch record and link to its retained raw herb sample lot and Certificate of Analysis.

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