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Our supplement fulfillment skills are amazing! We are your partner of choice as we provide a level of service that enables high volume business opportunities. 

Our solution is connected and used with most traditional shopping carts, online marketplaces, and distribution points. The service cuts your costs by sensibly looking for the lowest shipping costs. As we serve several companies, you benefit from volume discounts.

We are the Affordable Fulfillment Solution Provider

Our compliance experts are aware that the above considerations lead directly to savings. They listen to your needs and make recommendations that work for your business and since we are your dietary supplement manufacturer, there are no costs for shipping the product from the lab to the warehouse.


           About Our Order Fulfillment Service

Your vitamins and supplements business needs a properly trained order fulfillment service so that you can effectively ship your orders and meet your customer’s needs. Order fulfillment is more than packing and shipping a box. A successful vitamin company needs to keep its inventory safe and have a high-quality packaging material on hand.


Prepare picking lists, shipping labels, order receipts, brochures, and other instruction documents. Choose the right mix of carriers and choose the shipping method dynamically based on delivery time and cost the expected order volume and the carrier’s pick-up times. Keep an eye on product inventory and alert managers to prevent an event that is out of stock.


Shipping and Volume Discount 

Our fulfillment systems support a convenient selection of shipping methods from each carrier. During order processing, we optimize your carriers to reduce shipping costs. We also offer freight services for pallet and skid deliveries as well as affordable prices and packaging materials.


Amazon Prime Ready

For users of the Amazon platform, we have experience in packaging products according to FBA packaging requirements (FBA), including putting FNSKU stickers on each item if necessary and palletizing according to packaging requirements for small packages and LTL shipments.

For our manufacturing customers, Sun Ten Laboratories offers comprehensive customer fulfillment services that Amazon Sellers can use if they need to switch Fulfillment from the merchant due to Amazon restrictions or delays. We also offer traditional full fulfillment services as the main option for our customers who need them.

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